Should I be wearing a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR)?

What is a PAPR?

While you may be familiar with disposable respirators or compressors, these are options that may not be suitable for your day-to-day working environment. The PAPR, which is short for powered air-purifying respirator, is an air-purifying respirator. Using a blower to push ambient air through the purifying elements and into the covering, your system will consist of a battery, headgear, breathing tube, filter and motor. If your employer has contributed to providing you with a 3M PAPR in your workplace, you’ll know you are well protected with a high-quality piece of equipment. You’ll experience a well-fitted and comfortable headset, which will look after your health to the highest ability every day.

Why should you wear a 3M PAPR?

There are an extensive range of benefits from wearing a 3M PAPR. Some of these include: 

  • Conventional half/full face respirators are negative pressure, meaning the worker needs to pull air through their respirator to breathe. This requires more work for your lungs and decreases the workers airflow. PAPR's are positive pressure which assists the lungs in breathing; Increasing oxygen levels, energy levels and overall productivity.
  • Powered air eliminates the need for fit testing and workers can keep their beards! 
  • Provides constant airflow to cool the worker off in hot work environments. 
  • PAPR's can be fitted with multiple different filters depending on the contaminants. 
  • PAPRs have a higher assigned protection factor. (APF) 

Protect your health

The most important reason to use a 3M PAPR at work is to protect your health on a daily basis. Working in healthcare, you are likely to be well aware of the risks of your job role, and PAPRs help to protect you further from airborne contamination. If you are subjected to dangerous conditions every day at work, you and your family can rest at ease knowing you are better protected. The 3M PAPR system is ideal for first receivers and healthcare workers and is approved to the correct standards as determined by NIOSH.

Ready to wear

One of the best things about the 3M PAPR is that no fit test is required in order to start wearing this headgear, unlike other respirator options. This will save you precious time and money since other headgear options require annual fittings. With the current pandemic, this is an essential benefit of the 3M PAPR, as it allows healthcare workers to start protecting their health without having a long wait time before implementing this piece of equipment into their uniform.

Comfortable Breathing

Thanks to the blower system in the 3M PAPR, the device will pull air through the filter. You’ll feel like you can easily and comfortably breathe during your work shift. This device offers users very natural and comfortable breathing thanks to the natural airflow you’ll be provided with. There’s nothing worse than wearing a mask or piece of headgear that makes breathing labored and uncomfortable at work, but with the 3M PAPR, you’ll feel like you can breathe naturally during your long shift.

Ideal for wearing during long shifts

The 3M PAPR system is perfect for healthcare workers who are on their feet for ten to twelve hours or more during each shift. The comfort that this device provides while protecting your health is second to none, and you won’t dread wearing this system during your long shifts. You’ll be able to breathe with ease and won’t be distracted from looking after your patients and your most important tasks of the day.

A Single Unit

The 3M PAPR system is designed with various compartments that work together to create a single unit. You’ll receive protection for your respiratory system, head, face and eyes, and the device is customized to fit various work industries, making it ideal for the healthcare industry. Regardless of your role in the healthcare industry, you can customize the 3M PAPR system to fit your needs. If looked after with care and cleaned and maintained regularly, the 3M PAPR will provide you with protection for years to come.

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