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Steps for Life Walk, London ON

Posted by Andrea McLay on

We have been doing this walk for years and each time we are profoundly touched by the strength shown by so many, how grateful we are that our families are safe and thankful for the support shown for this event. As the summer season begins, please take an extra moment to talk to your Young Workers as they begin their summer jobs. Ensure they are being trained to safely do their work and let them know they have the RIGHT TO REFUSE WORK THAT THEY FEEL IS UNSAFE. Thank you to Threads of Life for providing tremendous support to so many. ‪#‎comehomesafe‬‪#‎threadsoflife‬   
Our Keyline Family would not miss this important event!  Thanks to all who sponsored us!
Yesterday I spent the morning with families that have lost a loved one due to a work place accident. As I looked around, I realized that I was a minority. I was one of only a few people that had not lost a loved one. Around the world, someone dies every 30 seconds due to a workplace hazard. There are far too many impactful stories, that could have had a different ending. I write to you, not... because I have lost a loved one, but because I am grateful that I haven't and I am not ready for that phone call, are you?
So, on that note, my facebook friends that are Employers or Employees, I ask what you think of workplace safety? For everyone one of my friends that is an employer that looks at safety products as a non profit generating expense, I ask , Are you prepared to pay the bigger price of having to make the call to a wife, husband, father or mother to tell them that their loved one has been injured, or worse?
For those that are Employees and scoff at the "health and safety policies" and equipment that your employer enforces, please stop for a moment and think, are you ready for your loved ones to receive a phone call that you have been injured at work? I assume not, so, thank your employer for investing in you and providing a work environment for you to go home safely from each night.
As you kiss your wife, husband, son or daughter good-bye each morning and tell them to "have a good day and drive safe"....add a "be careful and work safe". I know that I will, as I am not ready for that phone call. 
Please share if you feel the same.

Some of the Keyline staff & family
Christa Cox  (centre)
Keyline Safety
1859 Oxford Street
London, ON  N5V 2Z6


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