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Why Work With Us?

Jan. 2015 . Peter A. Abbink — 5 star - I have known Dave McLay and the staff of Keyline since 1996. Back then I was the Health & Safety Trainer for a large foundry in Southern Ontario and in charge of purchasing all required PPE. Dave helped me move our requirements from a one size fits all mentality to a more customized supply. We were able to sample and trial a variety of products, and develop department specific product choices. For example: the Core Dept. Needed fine touch nitrile gloves while the Melt and Pour Dept. needed FR high heat gloves and so on. Then his staff took it to the next level by packaging each department's weekly order into it's own box so distribution was a snap and the department manager could confirm the amounts were sufficient and make any adjustments easily. Dave and I even were able to make Safety compliance enjoyable. Our theory was: A comfortable worker is a happy worker therefore a compliant worker. So with no increase in cost we were able to provide wider choices for safety glasses and hearing protection because once again one size does not fit all. If I ever find myself in a role where I have influence in a choice of Safety product suppliers - Keyline Safety will always be my Key Supplier! .................

Feb. 2015. Heidi Brookes P.GSC-CSC, CHSO, Internal COR Auditor, H&S Manager - I have found Keyline Safety here in London Ontario to be focused on getting you the right information over just pushing a product or product line. We also love that they send trainers to our job sites to do fit testing, harness inspections and will deliver right to the site. For the guys out there, you just have to go and try their underpants! as specially if your in a harness all day or have to deal with the hot downstairs issues (I am sure you know what I mean) they will bring that smile back to your face! They also give back to the community by arranging teams for steps for life fundraising walks to help the families of those who have tragically died on job sites.