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Column Climber Kit

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Column Climber CC02X Combo  The ultimate combo for vertical mobility while maintaining 100% tie-off and 2 ft fall arrest at all times. Column Climber™ patented design provides unmatched mobility, as an access device, and unparalleled convenience as a personal work platform at every work point. Includes our our patent pending Column Claw™ and T-Lanyard. 

The Column Climber is a simple-to-use device that allows workers to safely and effortlessly climb up, climb down, and work right from a steel column at the connection point. Column Climber is classified as both an access device and a personal ‘work platform’.

Workers can finally safely and comfortably work with two hands free, positioning themselves correctly to connect, bolt-up, weld, or inspect, while increasing productivity and lowering equipment/rental costs.


1. One Set of Column Climbers 02 (flange thicknesses to 7/8")

2. Column Claw (adjustable) 

3. Rebar Assembly Lanyard 

4. Harness with comfort padding, QC buckles and Sides/Back D-Rings 

Column Climber Kit™ can be used freely in accordance with current fall protection standards: OSHA, HSE, CSA, ANSI

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