12 cal/cm² Ultrasoft Arc Flash Kit -M12C09KIT - 1/CS

Size: Medium
Sale price$889.99


12 Cal kits include the following

  • 12 Cal navy blue coveralls
  • Class 0 glove kit – Rubber gloves, leather outers and glove bag (up to 1,000 volts max usage)
  • 12 Cal Hard hat and true grey face shield
  • Protective bag for hard hat and face shield
  • 12 Cal balaclava
  • Arc Gear carrying bag 


12 Cal kit/ Medium coveralls fit a chest size of 42”. Size 8 Gloves 

12 Cal kit/ Large coveralls fit a chest size of 46”. Size 9 Gloves

12 Cal kit/ Extra Large coveralls fit a chest size of 50”. Size 10 Gloves 

Sold as a complete kit 

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