3M™ DBI-SALA® 30FT Smart Lock Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline - Galvanized Cable - 3503822- 1/CS

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Our smartest SRLs yet. From reducing nuisance lockups, to simplifying inspections, every detail of the new 3M™ DBI-SALA® Smart Lock Self-Retracting Lifelines is designed to help increase your productivity, safety and convenience. Using advanced motion capture technology, we studied the forces applied to the SRL during typical at-height tasks. This data helped us engineer a new arrest mechanism that can more easily detect the difference between a fall and normal work motion, tailoring a SRL for your work application.

  • Rugged and extremely lightweight thermoplastic housing with built in ergonomic handle
  • 30 ft. (10m) of 7/32" (5.5mm) galvanized steel cable lifeline
  • Using advanced motion capture, horizontal use is designed to reduce nuisance lockups when compared to previous generation SRLs
  • Highly-visible orange Leading Edge external energy absorber indicates the product is esigned for sharp edge applications
  • Patented magnetic retraction control system allows lifeline retract smoothly, hands free
  • Swivelling anchorage point and carabiner included
  • Patented dual label system located within ergonomic cable handle to simplify inspections and reduce the need for replacement
  • Swivelling snap hook with impact indicator
  • Connected Safety RFID located in cable handle

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