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Drager PAC 3500- O2 Gas Monitor

Drager PAC 3500- O2 Gas Monitor

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Keyline Safety: Pac 3500 and 5500 Activation




The Draeger Pac 3500 Single Gas O2 Monitor provides workers with continuous oxygen levels and alerts you when levels have reached explosively high (above 23.5%) or dangerously low (below 19.5%) levels. This popular two-year disposable monitor displays continuous readings make it more analytical and safer than many competitive models that simply alert you when a dangerous gas is present. In the event of reaching high or low levels of O2, the Pac 3500 Monitor will sound a 90 dB alarm while flashing 360 degree LED lights and vibrating.

Our customers working in confined spaces and oil and gas appreciate that this monitor won't break if dropped. The detector's durable housing is coated with protective rubber for guarding against impacts and resisting corrosive chemicals. It also meets IP65 requirements to ensure operation if it's accidentally splashed with water.

Other features that make the Pac 3500 a great O2 gas detector are its outside filter for easy replacement, 10 second response time, back-lit display, and its ability to go two years without calibration.

The Draeger O2 Monitor provides top-of-the-line detection, with sensors that pick up a resolution of .1 Vol.% and a measuring range of 0-25 Vol.%. Draeger is known worldwide for the dependability and unmatched accuracy of their sensors - a big reason why that same technology can be found in hospitals, fire and police departments, mines, and a whole host of industrial work sites. A miniature version of Draeger's famous XXS sensors can be found in the Pac 3500.

Key Features:

  • Measuring range of 0-25 Vol.%, resolution of .1 Vol.%
  • Two year lifespan
  • Constant O2 concentration readout
  • Two button interface
  • Back-lit display
  • Durable housing and crocodile D-ring clip
  • Outside filter for easy replacement
  • IP65 for water resistance