Advantage Basket Stretcher - TRA11-0125A - 1/CS

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The Advantage is an improved redesign from any other plastic style basket stretcher available today.

The fully-internal stainless steel frame has a 2500 lb. strength rating while giving a completely smooth sliding surface on the bottom. The outer High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) shell is attached to the top tube, allowing the secondary rail to be completely accessible to provide unlimited options for tying in your patient during the most technical rescue operation.

Generous cut-out sections in the shell provide loads of exposed top rail for handling, and the 7/8" tubing allows for a more comfortable grip. The patient pad is made of closed-cell foam that will not allow fluids to soak into it, and is able to withstand even the harshest cleaning agents. It is attached to allow for it to be removed and replaced if required.

Standard on the Advantage is our patented StratLoad™ attachment points that make it quick, easy and safer to clip your Litter Bridle into while protecting the carabiner from wall and rock faces etc.

Product Features:

  • StratLoad™ Feature as Standard
  • Fully-internal stainless steel frame had a 2500 lb. strength rating providing a completely smooth sliding surface
  • 7/8” Top Tube – The large Top Tube is very easy to hold onto, especially in long carries
  • High Density Polyethylene shell
  • Closed-Cell Foam Patient Pad -- Will not allow fluids to soak into it
  • Sold 1 per case 

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