Respiratex - Frontair 2 Chemprotex™ 300 Nuclear Chemical Protective Suit SUIT -1/CS


Nuclear Chemical Protective Suit 

The Frontair 2 in Chemprotex™ 300 is a single-use air-fed Nuclear Chemical Protective Suit provides the highest level of protection against particulate contamination with added chemical protection. The suit is designed for use with breathable air supplied from an external positive pressure compressed air source with a low flow warning alarm.
  • Clear flexible visor with wide horizontal and vertical fields of vision
  • Internal air distribution system of our Nuclear Chemical Protective Suit  provides breathing and cooling air to the user
  • Internal adjustable waist belt supports both the airline and the air distribution system, and also holds the Nuclear Chemical Protective Suit  in the correct wearing position
  • Variable flow control valve for the air system that can be adjusted by the wearer
  • Anti-slip feet with ankle ties
  • Six exhalation valves fitted with covers maintain a comfortable working pressure in the suit
  • Choice of rear entry model with double zip flap and self adhesive tape, or self dress front entry model with single zip flap and adhesive tape
  • Ten year shelf-life
  • Chemically protective Kemblok™ laminated glove welded to the suit material, other glove options available on request 
  • Nuclear Chemical Protective Suit can we used in both chemically hazardous environments as well as Nuclear contaminated environments

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