RPB Safety Welding Powered Air Purifying Respirator Z-Link+ Face Seal Zytec FR, Weld Visor with PX5 PAPRZ-Link+ Respirator, Face Seal Zytec FR, Weld Visor with PX5 PAPR - 16-078-11-FR


The RPB Z-Link is a multi-use powered or supplied air loose- fitting respirator, covering a number of different industrial applications where there is a need for respiratory, eye, face, head, and hearing protection. This respirator does not require face fit testing. The RPB Z-Link+ is an optional attachment accessory for the RPB Z-Link multi-use respirator. It is intended for use in welding and grinding applications where there is a need for protection from airborne contaminants, eye/face protection and head protection. The Z-Link+ does not provide respiratory protection when not used in conjunction with the RPB Z-Link.


  • Loose fitted respirator, no fit testing. Allows for facial hair and glasses without compromising safety.

  • APF 1000+

  • Choice of 5 anti-fog and scratch resistant ANSI Z87+ (EN166) lenses: Premium Clear, Green Tint (Shade 5), Yellow, Black & Mirror Tint.

  • Tear-off lens system ensures you always have a clear field of view.

  • Air flow is fully adjustable with the air deflector system to suit personal preference and prevent fogging.

  • Air supply circulates throughout head top, moving over your skin to cool you down.

  • Fixed jaw ensures secure cape attachment.

  • All parts can be purchased individually for easy maintenance and servicing.

  • ANSI Z89.1 certified head protection (EN397).

  • Visor hinges open for easy communication with team (outside of respiratory hazards).

  • Padded interior with adjustable ratchet system.

  • Compatible with RPB Comms-Link™ in-helmet communication system.

  • Vision-Link™ light option available.

  • Tychem®or Zytec® cape options available.

  • Multiple breathing tube cover available to increase the life of the breathing tube.

  • Radiant heat options available.

  • Welding visors and cape options are available to transform your Z-link and extend the product’s capabilities.

  • Deconable head suspension system and disposable hood.

Z-Link+ Weld Visor

  • Weighs just 13.8 ounces including ADF lens.
  • Can be easily removed for extended periods where just grinding is required.
  • Large welding auto darkening filter with a 1.1.1 rating. Variable auto darkening lens (shades 3, 5, or 9-13).
  • Replaceable impact and ADF lenses for ease of maintenance. Optional magnifying lens available.
  • Visor attaches directly onto to the main grinding visor, enabling you to seamlessly switch from welding to grinding while maintaining respiratory protection.
  • Utilizes the Z-Link headtop as the framework for this product, offering all the same features and benefits of the Z-Link while extending the product’s capabilities to protect you from while welding.

Technical Information

  • Battery Run Time: 8-12 hours (Run times can vary dependent on age of the filter used)

  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion - Rechargeable

  • Cartridge or Filter Included: Yes

  • Color: Green, Gray

  • Intrinsically Safe: No

  • Mounting Type: Belt-Mounted (Compatible with PX5 Backpack Assembly with Easy Clean or FR Straps)

  • NIOSH Cartridge or Filter Assigned Color Coding: Magenta

  • Product Series: Z-Link, PX5

  • Product Type: Loose Fitting PAPR

  • Recommended Industry: Fabrication, Welding, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Painting, Coating, Pharma, Metal Cutting, Grinding, Brazing, Fettling, Thermospray, Sanding, Painting, Concerete Cutting, Aggregate, Chemical, Foundry

  • Approvals & Standards: ISO9001, NIOSH, ANSI S3.19, Z89.1, Z87+, CSEI CSA Z94.3-15, CE 2797 EN14594:2005 3B, EN12941:1998, +A2:2008 TH3 P R SL, EN352-3:2002, EN397:2003+A1:2009, EN166:2001 CLASS 1F, BSI Certified Product AS/NZS 1716:2012 BMP # 714303, AS/NZS 1801:1997, BMP # 714306, AS/NZS 1337.1:2010, BMP # 714304

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