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Semi-Automatic Zoll AED 3

Semi-Automatic Zoll AED 3

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The only AED on the market with:
  • real-time CPR assist and feedback
  • Wifi-connected monitoring
  • Dual child and adult pads 

ZOLL AED 3 Package: Semi-Automatic, English.
Colour touch screen LCD Display, Real CPR help and CPR Dashboard
(as demo'd), Wifi enabled for Cloud Connectivity, IP55 rated and passes
1 meter drop test, Configurable to also display ECG in addition to CPR dashboard. 

Includes: AED 3 Battery Pack, CPR-UNI-PADZ Universal (adult/child),
Operations Manual, Quick Start Guide and Rescue Reference Poster 
and 6 year Warranty (plus an additional 2 years with registration) 

ZOLL AED 3 Video: 
ZOLL AED 3: Training for Unexpected Heroes