Thorzt Electrolyte Hydration Packs - 50/CS

Flavour: Blue Lemonade


THORZT is a great tasting mix of cutting edge vitamins, minerals and aminos acids, formulated for rapid rehydration. 

Developed by Olympians and sporting champions who recognized
the need for rehydration on the worksite as well as the sporting
stage, THORZTTM exists to hydrate hard work of every kind.

- Sugar Free
- Caffeine and gluten free
- Propriety electrolyte formula
that includes Sodium,
Potassium, and Magnesium
- Proprietary blend of B and C
group vitamins, L-Glutamine
and essential Branch Chain
Amino Acids (BCAA’s)
- Contains many antioxidants
which protect against the
damage of free radicals
- Contains zinc which
contributes to the normal
function of the immune system

  • Contains many vitamins and
    minerals which are factors in
    energy metabolism
    - Assists in water absorption,
    restoration of fluid balance,
    muscle cramps, recovery and

Available in 3 delicious flavors:
• Blue Lemonade
• Orange
• Tropical

- Outdoor / indoor work
- Heavy physical activity
- Sports

Pack Qty: 50 solo packets per bag; Ctn Qty: 10 bags of 50 packets

2.2 g Solo Shots. Simply add stick pack to 500 ml of water and
shake vigorously until dissolved.


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