Tractel Tracbloc2 8FT Self Retracting Lifeline with Rebard Snaphook - T4828


The TracBloc® self-retracting lifelines are made of a shock absorber
and a self-retracting lifeline. They are designed to be used as a

connecting device in a personal fall arrest system. The TracBloc® self-
retracting lifelines connect the user’s harness to the anchorage point.

Typical applications are: warehouse use, order-picker, manufacturing,
scaffolding, construction, elevated platforms and general maintenance,
repairs and operations.
The TracBloc® self-retracting lifeline allow freedom of movement in
elevated areas, and eliminates tripping hazards and dangerous falls
normally associated with fixed length lifelines. In case of a slip or a fall,
an internal locking system immediately activates to arrest the fall.
The self-retracting lifelines have a webbing wound on a spring-loaded
drum. They are supplied with a 3

⁄4 in. (20 mm) self-locking snap hook at

the shock pack end and 21

⁄2 in. (64 mm) self-locking snap hooks at each

arm. A fall indicator label is sewn on the shock pack.
The new design includes a new housing made of thermoplastic material
making it lightweight, robust and resistant to impact, wear, abrasion and
ageing. It also has an improved responsive system that, in an event of
a fall, allows the breaking system to function quickly (in less than 10 cm
[4 in.] drop), thus reducing the distance of the fall. Additionally, the new
design is equipped with a new spring system that improves unwinding
without sticking (blocking) points during use.
The purpose of the shock absorber is to lower the impact force experienced
in a fall by dissipating the kinetic energy and controlling deceleration.
The shock-absorbing device is made of a specially woven webbing that
elongates through tearing on its weave and stitching. This action limits
the impact force to an average arrest force of 900 lb. (400 kg) for the one
arm TracBloc® and 1,350 lb. (610 kg) for the two arms TracBloc®2.
The TracBloc®2 has two arms and allows the worker to remain safely
connected at all time (100% tie-off) while climbing or on the move.

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