Emergency Eye Wash Bottle 1L Full With Integral Eyecup - F4601169 - 2/CS

Sale price$43.90Single Unit Price: $21.95


  • Built-in sterile eye (up designed to keep your eyelid open ensuring a gentle and effective rinse).
  • A sterile preservative free solution that flushes irritants, debris and removes foreign materials from the eyes .
  • Soothes burning, stinging, irritated eyes.
  • Fast, effective and safe.
  • Terminally sterilized and complies with Health Canada Regulations.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Single use application.
  • All stations includes easy to follow instructions and mirror.
  • Refill bottles available for eyewash stations.
  • Single Use - 1L 

Sold 2 bottle per case 

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