Drager X-AM 5000 Gas Monitor -8320000 - 1/CS

Sale price$2,600.00

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  • Capable of monitoring up to 5 gases simultaneously

  • Can be powered by either "AA" alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiMHy

  • Optional attachable sample pump allows remote sampling distance of up to 98ft, (30M)

  • Datalog standard in X-am 5000 with 1,000 hours capacity to record all gas exposure data

  • Protected against dust and water intrusion to an IP67 rating

  • Global intrinsic safety approvals: UL, CSA and ATEX

  • Combustible gas measurements of 0 to 100% LEL and 0 to 100% Volume

  • Sensors available for combustible gases, amines, O2, CO, H2S, NO2, SO2, PH3, HCN, NH3, CO2, Cl2, NO, O3, COCl2, organic vapours, odorants

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